Seven Thoughts on Spiritual Parenting

November 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

Being a parent is one of the greatest tasks and challenges in life.

For your enjoyment, here are seven thoughts on parenting from a Spiritual perspective:

  1. Realize that your children are not really your children. They are God’s Sons and Daughters and you are only their caretaker this in lifetime until they grow up and learn to think for themselves.
  2. Realize that your children are adult Souls incarnating into children’s bodies.
  3. Realize that you chose your children and your children chose you to serve as their parent.
  4. Affirm that your relationship to yourself and God comes first in your life, before your relationship to your child.
  5. Realize that your job is to provide boundaries and parameters for your children while still allowing them to grow in their own unique Spiritual mission and purpose.
  6. Always treat your child with firmness and love.
  7. Only give attention to your child’s positive behavior and give as little as possible attention to its inappropriate behavior. Your kids want your attention. The less attention you give to inappropriate behaviour, the less they will do it. The more attention they get for appropriate behaviour, the more they will do that!

The Integrated Enlightened Master raises their kids in a way where they can become Integrated Enlightened Masters in their own right. They teach them everything they know and practice. They realize that they are the mentor and Spiritual teacher of their kids and do not give them free reign to do whatever they want.

The Integrated Enlightened Master realizes that the philosophy that many parents have when it comes to parenting, that kids should be allowed to do whatever they want because they are individuals in their own right is a grave mistake. When a child is born, by definition, it is run by the subconscious mind. It has not yet learned to think for itself. This is why each child is put under the care of parents who have the job of teaching the child how to think properly. In the initial years especially but also until children learn to really think for themselves, parents function as the conscious mind for the children, which they themselves have not yet developed.

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Gossip is NOT a Harmless Practice

November 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Gossip is a mass practice in our society today, however, contrary to popular opinion it is not a harmless practice.

Words have great power. Gossip is a misuse of that power. And at the end of the day, the power of misuse hits but ourselves. Whatever we put out in our lives comes back to us. Gossip comes back to us like a boomerang.

Only people who don’t know what to do with their lives waste it in idle gossip. Someone who is sincerely on their Spiritual path is so busy serving others and developing his consciousness that he does not even have the time to think of others, let alone judge and criticize them.

People who gossip are afraid to look at their own stuff. They can’t be by themselves because they are afraid about what they could find if they indeed turned within. This is why they have to judge and criticize others in gossip in order to distract themselves from their own inner needs and reality. So disengage in gossip and be more conscious of the words you use.

The Integrated Ascended Master never ever engages in gossip! Gossip is only for victims and people with no self-worth who need to judge others to feel better about themselves.

The Integrated Ascended Master realizes: No self-love, no self-growth. Since the Integrated Ascended Master is determined to attain the highest levels of self-growth, they choose to love themself as God loves them: unconditionally and infinitely.

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,

A Few Words of Caution and Guidance on Channelling and Psychism

October 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

Stay away from the lower psychic plane and dimension! It is a huge blind spot in the consciousness of Lightworkers in general to think that just because someone has passed over that they are any more evolved than they were on Earth. Our consciousness remains basically the same before and after death.

Always put up psychic protection. Think of your Auric field as your home. You would not let just anyone enter your home; in a similar way you should not just allow anyone to enter your Auric field either.

So always place a golden bubble of protection around you and start each channelling session by stating that you only allow the highest and purest beings to communicate with you.

These are two very simple pieces of advice but ones you should not ignore.

However, the best advice in the world is to commit to lifelong consciousness development and purification. There is no greater protection in the world than a consciousness free of negative ego, mastered in service of unconditional love and on fire for God! Such a consciousness will naturally attract the inner plane Ascended Masters to you and repel lower entities of any kind. Why? Because these lower entities won’t stand the brilliance of your light. Like attracts like. If your consciousness is unlike astral consciousness, then you won’t gravitate there because there is no resonance.

Unfortunately, most Lightworkers’ consciousness is mainly astral in nature and this is why most channellings out there today are entirely astral and illusionary, even though hardly anybody can see it. Why? Because you cannot see in another what you cannot see in yourself. If you don’t understand what negative ego is and what illusions it can create, then you wont see it in others either! This is why the New Age Movement in many ways is a massive case of the blind leading the blind.

The Integrated Ascended Master does not follow the blind. He follows the light within even if it is a lonely path!

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,

Humans serve the Animal Kingdom by Stimulating the Seed of Mind

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Humans are the teachers, older brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom. Animals do not only respond to feelings and emotions of the people around them, they are also responsive to the mental atmosphere surrounding them.

When a pet “owner” speaks with his pet, explains things, gives him or her a name, plays bally, etc, all this has the effect of stimulating the latent aspect of mind in the animal. Animals don’t have a mind, but they have instinct which is a precursor for mental activity. And so the mental engagement between pet and pet owner has a very definite effect and helps the animal to evolve.

Animals are not for entertainment or food (although it actually is part of their job to serve as food for unevolved humans, but that is another chapter). They are our younger brothers and sisters moving towards an occult process called individualization which is the door into the human kingdom. So they should be treated with the proper love, respect and care.

The Integrated Ascended Master makes a very conscious effort to serve both as friend, mentor and companion for the animal kingdom.

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,


What to do when Temptation Occurs

September 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

We live in a world that is filled with temptations that are just waiting to steer us off the path. The question is, what do you do when temptation occurs?

When temptation occurs, the key is to pull your attention away from it.

This can be done in your consciousness, by partaking in a different physical action, through doing positive affirmations or visualizations, through immediately praying and asking God and the Ascended Masters for help, by beginning to repeat the name or names or mantras of God, or by just telling it to go away.

It is always a process of denial and affirmation. So if temptation beings to occur, physically do something like go get some physical exercise or go for a walk, etc.

The key is to remember that an “idle mind is the devil’s workshop!” So never ever allow your mind to go idle. You have to master your mind – or else it will master you.

The Integrated Ascended Master is tempted by nothing but the splendor and glory of God!

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,

Profile of a Clear Channel: Checklist of 10 things to watch out for in a Channel

August 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

As more and more Lightworkers open up to their higher senses, many of them seek to offer guidance to their fellow brothers and sisters in the form of channelling the Ascended Masters and Angels. And students on the path see them in the hope to receive support for their Spiritual growth.

While this is all wonderful, unfortunately more often than not, the channelings floating around in the New Age Movement today are all illusionary or lost on the astral plane. Why? Because people don’t understand that a channel is only as clear as his consciousness. So whatever blind spots they may have in their consciousness, these will be reflected in their channelings.

So for your enjoyment, here are ten things to watch out for in a channel.

A clear channel:

Will never order you around.
Will present truth in a very clear and concise manner.
Will only make suggestions, never commandments.
Will leave you with a feeling of unconditional love and support which does not mean, however, that they would not present truth as it appeared to them and offer you guidance and suggestions.
Will never create fear.
Will always honor the free will choice of others.
Will never invade your privacy by snooping about your aura and then offering unsolicited advice.
Has high integrity within themselves and seeks to align with God and the Masters, and uphold the higher principles within their own lives.
Works for God, the Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Works for the benefit of mankind, which may, for the moment, be you; they do not, however, have any other agenda than to be of service.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with seeking guidance from an external channel, however, above all else, to thine own self be true! Take all channellings with a grain of salt. This is what the Integrated Ascended Master does.

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,

Seven Golden Keys to Develop the Midas Touch

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Midas Touch is the ability to turn everything you do into Spiritual gold. It is the ability to be successful at anything and everything you work on. The fastest way to develop the Midas Touch is to become an Integrated Ascended Master. Here are seven golden keys to develop the Midas Touch:

1. Maintain self-mastery at all times and never allow yourself to be a victim or effect.

2. Be generous with others if you want God and life to be generous with you.

3. Practice positive self-talk all day long.

4. Practice humbleness and humility at all times.

5. Be vigilant against the negative ego’s thought system at all times.

6. Strive for pristine clarity in everything you do, including every detail of life, no matter how small.

7. Be absolutely relentless in your search for complete God Realization for self and others.

The Integrated Ascended Master has the Midas Touch, but he/she also realizes that to maintain the Midas Touch is a lifelong process of self-correction and adjustment.

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,