What to do when temptation occurs

January 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

When temptation occurs, the key is to pull your attention away from it. This can be done in your consciousness, by partaking in a different physical action, through doing positive affirmations or visualizations, through immediately praying and asking God and the Ascended Masters for help, by beginning to repeat the name or names or mantras of God, or by just telling it to go away. It is always a process of denial and affirmation. So if temptation beings to occur, physically do something like go get some physical exercise or go for a walk, etc. The key is to remember that an “idle man is the devil’s workshop!” So never ever allow your mind to go idle. You have to master your mind – or else it will master you …

So let it be written. So let it be done.

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§ One Response to What to do when temptation occurs

  • Aave says:

    If I started to read this message, and as I am a fan of Beloved Master Joshua David Stone, just directly the higher energies coming from up into my body. What I wanted to say, it is that very high energy vibration is here in this site. Thank you all very much! I am just a channel. I know that Dr. Stone passed over but I love his teaching so much.
    I am waiting the Wesak festival 2010, let`s meet in London!
    With all my love!

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