Seven Golden Keys to Develop the Midas Touch

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Midas Touch is the ability to turn everything you do into Spiritual gold. It is the ability to be successful at anything and everything you work on. The fastest way to develop the Midas Touch is to become an Integrated Ascended Master. Here are seven golden keys to develop the Midas Touch:

1. Maintain self-mastery at all times and never allow yourself to be a victim or effect.

2. Be generous with others if you want God and life to be generous with you.

3. Practice positive self-talk all day long.

4. Practice humbleness and humility at all times.

5. Be vigilant against the negative ego’s thought system at all times.

6. Strive for pristine clarity in everything you do, including every detail of life, no matter how small.

7. Be absolutely relentless in your search for complete God Realization for self and others.

The Integrated Ascended Master has the Midas Touch, but he/she also realizes that to maintain the Midas Touch is a lifelong process of self-correction and adjustment.

© 2012, Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelsias,


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